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Review: Everblossom - A Short Story and Poetry Anthology

Everblossom: A Short Story and Poetry Anthology

Title: Everblossom - A Short Story and Poetry Anthology
Author: Larissa Hinton
Pages: Unknown
Published: 2011

Summary: An anthology that will quench your thirst for more than the ordinary.

Everblossom is a journey through poems and short stories that may seem ordinary on the surface but dig a little deeper and the world not only shifts. It changes.

Review: Everblossom is definitely not a book that I would pick up and start reading if I saw it in a book store. It's not because the premise is bad (I don't think you can go bad with poems and short stories), but because poems and short stories aren't usually books that drag me in, unless they are a cohesive collection that ebbs and flows from one to the next.

Overall, reading Everblossom was an interesting experience, and I did enjoy each poem and short story on its own, but I really didn't see this as anything close to an anthology. Every time that I read a new poem or a new short story, I felt like someone had thrown me out of what I had just gotten comfortable in, and the WSV poems were just really rather annoying to me. They had to be my least favourite out of the entire book, but they weren't terrible. I just couldn't find flow in them, and that really bothered me.

Aside from the disjointed way that the book went, I did enjoy the characters and I definitely enjoyed the poems. I can't pick a favourite short story, but I know for a fact that the Rainbow poem was my favourite. It touched home with me, which was something that I greatly appreciated.

I would recommend that whoever is considering reading this anthology actually read it for the experience of opening yourself up to a new set of poems and short stories that you had yet to experience, especially since the paranormal aspect of them is a really fun aspect. I did enjoy reading this, and I would consider reading it again sometime in the future.

Rating: ★★★ 3/5 Stars

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