20 March, 2012 | By: Rhee

Guest Post and Giveaway: Whispering Hills by Taryn Browning

As you all know, yesterday on the blog, I posted a review for Whispering Hills by Taryn Browning for the Whispering Hills Tour. Today, though, I'm excited to announce that we have Taryn on the blog to let us know about who she would pick for her dream cast of Whispering Hills. Yay!

Alexis: Victoria Justice
Victoria makes a great Alexis with her long, straight brown   hair and brown eyes. She has a girl next door kind of look that fits Alexis. With her soft features and sweet smile she blends into the crowd even though she posses an ability unlike anyone else in her high school.

Chance: Casey Deidrick

Casey looks exactly like I pictured Chance while writing Whispering Hills - from his spiky, messy hair to his dark brown eyes. He's mysterious but could easily be the captain of a high school sports team. His fashion sense and taste in music may be straight from the early 90's, but he's still totally HOT...and working on updating his wardrobe!

Summer: Lucy Hale

I love Lucy Hale in Pretty Little Liars. When she wears the more harsh, smoky eye makeup, light foundation and dark lips, she definitely has Summer's look. Underneath the heavy makeup and blackish purple hair Summer is a pretty girl - just very misunderstood. She has her own supernatural abilities, making her even more of an outcast. Fortunately, Summer could care less about fitting in.

Gabriel: Chace Crawford

Truth be told, I've always thought Chance Crawford was extremely good looking. In this picture he has the brooding, bad-boy charisma with a hint of sarcasm that Gabriel exudes. The hair is perfect. Give him autumn-colored contacts and he's good to go. (I know, it's such a shame to cover up those gorgeous baby blues.)

(My apologies, Taryn. The photos that you had picked refused to upload so I tried to find the exact ones and/or the closest to them!)

Thank you, Taryn, for stopping by the blog, and now, we'd love to offer you guys a giveaway so that you can have a chance to read Whispering Hills as well!

There will be three winners and each will win one of the prizes listed below:
  • 1 e-copy of Whispering Hills 
  • 1 Signed Dark Seeker Bookmark
  • 1 Signed Whispering Hills Bookmark

This is an international giveaway, so go on ahead and enter! The giveaway will close at the end of March.
Must be 13 or older to participate.

And here's the giveaway! Good luck!

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